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Reader Comments
Tales From the Road Vol. 1

"What a fun book."

"Wow! What an exciting life."

"Well written. Fast paced."

"Closed my eyes and I was right there."

"I like the Authors style of writing. Crisp and clear."

"Very descriptive...using few words."

"Fabulous use of words. Very creative."

"Lots of funny deprecating humor."

"What a funny start to a fascinating profession."

"I wanna be a tour guide."

"Great travel stories."

"Tu sei il mio ricordo di Roma." la Principessa

"I really enjoyed his maturation process...from a dweeb to a babe magnet. Why couldn't it have happened to me?"

"Does it hurt when they throw money at you?"

"I bet he hasn't worked a day in his life. It's all been fun, hasn't it?"

"Can't wait for Vol 2."

"Are Brazilian women really ...?"

"The beginning of the book was hilarious."

"He sure learned fast. Guess being responsible for so many people will do that to you."

"Fascinating people in his stories."

"Closed my eyes and I was right there."

"Tour guides are the real deal. They can do just about anything."

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