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White Slave Market

The twins, Tommy & Molly, are participating in a high school scholastic competition being held in Marrakesh, Morocco. Tommy's soccer teammate, Mustafa, is a homeboy raised in the souks of Marrakesh and has been playing tour guide for his friends. On their last day in town a group of them are visiting an old Moroccan outdoor market when they witnessed two friends being dealt a fate worse than death. The friends, German blonds, were being kidnapped by a Moroccan cabal know for supplying the sex-slave market with innocent young women.

Our heroes immediately spring into action in order to save their friends.
How they accomplish their objective will have you standing and cheering in the isles. This story combines cunning and brute force and delivers a rock solid narrative punch. Once again the resourcefulness and problem-solving by this extraordinary group of friends keeps you turning the pages.

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