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The Dipz

This short story is the first in the series and introduces the reader to the remarkable, colorful and unique characters that make up the do-good, feel-good posse of accomplished teenagers known as The Dipz. This fast-paced vignette acquaints you to their sophisticated backgrounds while sharing some of their hairy adventures and clever solutions.

The Dipz:

Tommy...the fearless son of the US Ambassador and leader of the posse.

Stella...Tommy's dream girl has Vatican connections that reach all the way to the Pope.

Miguel...son of the Cuban Ambassador and fierce advocate for normalization between his impoverished country and the US.

Don't get on Boris' bad side. His dad's head of Russia's secret service in Rome.

Athena...a Greek goddess who captivates you. Could it be because she has more money than Opus Dei? phenom and nephew of Dear Leader.

And other Outliers

The Capers:

When US and Cuba sign a mutual trade agreement within the next few months you will recognize the footprints of the Dipz all over it.

They gave Bill Clinton credit for the release of those two American journalists from a N. Korean prison sentence; but the Dipz were the architects of the plan.

During the recent deadly post-election demonstrations in Iran the Green party's only web link to the outside world was maintained by the Dipz.

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