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This caper starts out in typical Dipz fashion.  

Tommy and his teammates are in Istanbul, Turkey for their first soccer tournament of the summer. Molly has joined them so she can film a documentary about her brother's famous high school soccer team. But the summer's fun is brought to a screeching halt by a frantic phone call from Molly's BFF Jasmine who was in Tehran, Iran. Jasmine was dodging bullets and running from the Revolutionary Guard. She was afraid for her life and desperately needed to flee Iran. 

The Dipz collectively spring into action as they devise a cunning rescue plan that spans four countries; outwits Iran's hostile theocratic government; continuously immerses the friends in a swirling cauldron of diplomatic intrigue; and establishes a vital communications link to the outside world for the besieged Iranian people. 

Immediately following the daring rescue the Dipz barely have time for a round of fist-bumps and high-fives before two members of this tight knit group of friends find themselves the target of an insidious campaign of lies and distortions perpetrated by the Italian media. At the forefront of this media-driven fabricated story, spearheading the charge, is Tabasco.  

The portly Tabasco is a shrewd and cunning shock-jock masquerading as a political commentator who enjoys obscene wealth thanks to his large, fervent and adoring fan base. He fancies himself a modern-day emperor in a modern-day coliseum watching his zealous followers go ballistic when he turns his thumbs down...sealing the fate of the targeted modern-day gladiator. His barbed vitriol has ended many a career. 

Dipz defense shields are immediately erected around Boris and Jasmine, the two young friends who have found themselves the focus of Tabasco's laser beam of destruction. Behind these defense shields the Dipz are quickly devising a plan to bring Tabasco's Machiavellian reign to an end. As one they are thinking,”You don't stalk and then lie about our friends. We are coming to get you. We are wolf.” 

But then their world stops. The unthinkable happens; inflammatory secrets are revealed; countries immediately react. The whole Mediterranean finds itself staring down the long barrel of looming war.  The region becomes a  multi-national sweating powder keg. 

How did this happen?  And why are the Dipz in the middle of this swirling brouhaha? 

Read Tabasco to answer those and many other probing questions.

But beware.  It could happen right here in our backyard.

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