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High school is out for the summer in Italy and an excited group of youths are meeting... in one of Rome's trendiest finalize their itinerary for the next month. They are heading down to South Africa for the month-long 2010 World Cup.

After that they aren't sure. Depends on what's happening at the Tour de France. They're gonna wait and see who's leading. They might go. Or whatever. There will be plenty of exciting destinations to choose from once their Azuri...the Italian National soccer team...wins the World Cup.

But the twins Molly and Tommy stun the gathering when they announce that their country, the USA, is in need of help and that they, the children of the USA ambassador to Italy, were passing on the World Cup and instead going to Pascagoula, Mississippi to do what they can to ease the suffering caused by the disastrous Big Oil explosion and oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. And while they're down there they might look into the back story on the leak. Just to see if there's anything interesting. You know nosy around.

The twins aren't in Pascagoula three days before they attract the attention and wrath of Big Oil who is using any means necessary to control the message regarding the disaster. Big Oil quickly becomes unhappy with Tommy's probing questions and Molly's intrusive camera lens and orchestrates a mean and bullying push-back against the young siblings.

Molly and Tommy's response and creative counter moves to Big Oil's intimidation propels you through this short story at a blistering pace. If you like brains out-witting brawn then this story is for you. The crafty way the twins out-think Big Oil and defeat corporate greed will have you standing and cheering in the aisles. You will also want to start shopping for an all-electric car once you read about the heinous crimes committed by Big Oil's illegal attempt to control the disaster's message to the public.

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