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Reader Comments
Short Stories

“A smooth and solid read.”
The Valley Times

“A winner.”
The Times Book Review

“Fabulous heros...delightful.”
The News Book Review

“Will keep you turning the pages.”
The Mountain Bugle

“A compelling and entertaining caper.”
 Freedom's Clarion

“Alive with action.”
Young Adult Book Bulletin

Teen News

“A delightful tale of slick and sophisticated fun.”
Surf Digest

“Action-packed and fast paced.”
Bangkok Bulletin

“Tough to put down.”
The Enquirer

“A comic feel-good adventure.”
The Morning News

“Kept me strapped in the drivers seat of the author's imagination.”
Talk T.V.

“Clever and dramatic action.”
Lebanon Middle-School

“The author does a remarkable job of capturing the many cultures.”
Children For A Better World

“Girls rule.”
Girls Futbol Club, Rome

“Will be enjoyed by Thomas International's many fans.”
Kidz Against Sleeze

The Thinking Youth

“The author gives us a superior cast of characters.”
The Times Post-Dispatch

“His first-person prose is well-honed.”
The Roman Standard

“These kids have passion and smarts.”
The Observer

“The dialogue sparkles.”
The News

“A new breed of hero.”
The Star

“Cleverly written.” 
The Herald

Santa Barbara Trowel and Error Club

“Fast paced. Fabulous story.”
The Post

“Gripping. Great story-telling.”
The Chronicle

“Great read.”
Bombay Journal

“Wow. What a story.”
Bangkok Express

San Diego Express

A distinctive accomplishment.”
Leroy Deshazor

“Outrageously entertaining.”
The Voice

“Intensely readable.”
The Journal

“Sleek and engaging.”
The Review

“Action-packed and fast-paced.”
London Calling

“A page turner. Magnifico.”
Il Journale d'Italia

“Fast paced and exciting.”
The Diplomatic Journal

“Will keep you turning the pages.”
Travelers Companion

“Good to see not all kids have “entitlement syndrome'.”
Hollywood Gazette

“Excellent story.”
The Iran Free Press

“Spot-on depiction.”
Moscow Sentinel

“Too real. We all must get involved.”
The Adriatic See

“The Dipz to the rescue.”
The Vatican News

If any reader comes across an article extolling the positive aspects of these colorful stories, please forward them to me for posting.  Thank you.

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