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Hello. My name is Thomas.

I was in Italy recently where I met a group of very unusual teenagers who were all attending high school in Rome. They were the sons and daughters of distinguished diplomats and wealthy capitalists from all over the world.

What makes these kids so remarkable is the fact that rather than simply kicking back and enjoying the very comfortable life that their parents have provided; they have instead chosen to combine their families influence, power and connections to advance world peace. 

They call themselves the Dipz, the shadow diplomats, and are world-class fixers; problem solvers who prefer toiling behind the scenes and out of the limelight. They know that is where the real work takes place.

I asked if I could write a series of short stories about their unique group and chronicle some of their more exciting adventures. Permission was  granted as long as I changed their identities and donated part of the proceeds to one of their preferred charities.

Both conditions I readily agreed to.

So read on if you enjoy incredible stories about phenomenal kids. You'll be glad you did.

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The Stories...

The Dipz – “Teenage World-class Fixers”

Tabasco – “The Italian Rush Limbaugh”

White Slave Market – “Know Fear. Where are your daughters?”

OilBalz – “Nasty corporate and defeated.”

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