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Reader Comments
King Porte

"I froze my Michigan ass cause I stayed after the office closed so I could finish the story. Wow! What an ending."

"What a fascinating story. I read it in two 'n a half hours."

"A compelling and suspenseful story that goes straight to the gut."

"A sad yet important story, convincingly told."

"Thomas writes with power and grace."

"A refreshing, wise and truthful story about San Diego."

"A scary portrayal of what can happen when we take our eye off the ball."

"Who do you trust."

"Skillfully told, suspenseful."

"Filled with strong characters."


"A tale of passion and betrayal."

"Eminently readable."

"The Author knows how to build a fascinating story."

"The Author sheds light on a dangerous element."

"The book...truth. A true account of an American who loses his business to Iraqi terrorist on American soil."

"Loved reading about the bad stuff."

"Omar. I could picture him in my mind."

"I really hated Brian. What a bum."

"Explosive implications."

"The book gives you a first person insight into what was really going on behind the scenes."

"The Author raised many curious and frightening questions."

"...compelling story..."

"I liked the narrator."

"Hated Omar."

"Unbelievable. Here in America."

"What a loser the manager was."

"I travel to San Diego a lot. Selective cabs from now on."

"This could still happen."

"Worst part. No body is checking."

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